# Components

Everything up until this point has been mostly an academic perspective on making games, though I have tried my best to liberally fill every topic with a series of examples.

While it is impossible for me to know what type of game you are making, and therefore impossible for me to give you concrete, actionable advice on what to build, I can give you general lists of components that make up games. At least, the parts to which I have been a part.

This cannot possibly be an exhaustive list of every single component or mechanic of games, but over time I will do my best to fill it with a highlight reel of goodies. Not much here now, but it will grow over time.

# Hit Pause

If you've ever wondered why certain hits feel Crunchy / JuicyHow satisfying something is, usually in the context of how strongly an attack is perceived., while other hits do not -- fear not, this is the answer.