The Hierarchy Reasoning

The concept of Hierarchical Reasoning is a key component in defining anything, and its understanding was a critical step in my game design education. Once you understand it, and its importance, your third eye blossoms and you awaken to its purposeful applications in your levels, your fight encounters, and even your systems. It does this […]

Pacing Graphs

Every time you create a chart, a table, or a graph you are attempting to visualize and communicate important information, but often, people approach the task with a careless and blasé attitude that leads to a muddying of their message, which ultimately leads one, even with the best of intentions, to chart the wrong course. […]

Fibonacci Game Design

Good systems find a balance between keeping the player guessing and keeping things simple; this means both knowing how many options to provide the player, and knowing when to say no to something regardless of how cool. It involves things like how many weapons to have in the game, how many talent trees, or how […]