Designing Fun Combat

I have covered a lot of different topics about combat: How to design your enemies, how to design your combat encounters, how to define the gap, and the importance of depth and breadth. This covers a lot of ground, which is great, but it is high time we grasp for the slippery opponent that isfun. […]

Depth vs Breadth in Combat

Being a good combat designer requires understanding the meaning and significance of both depth and breadth in your designs. To put it simply: depth is the Knowledge of How, and breadth is the Knowledge of Why. But what does this mean? How do I perform that move? Why should I use this move? How come […]

Combat Encounters

Players want to kill the unkillable, solve the unsolvable, and explore the unexplored, but most of all, they want to feel they have accomplished great things. The greatest goal of God of War combat is to ensure the player never deviates from his quest of awesome. This goal, this process, is tied into your understanding […]