Spawning Manager – Version 1.0

My personal philosophy on system design is that the more I can automate data entry, the better my life. One of the more laborious and error prone tasks is setting up enemy encounters. This is a task that can, with the proper setup, become almost entirely data driven. Over the course of several articles I […]

The Hierarchy Reasoning

The concept of Hierarchical Reasoning is a key component in defining anything, and its understanding was a critical step in my game design education. Once you understand it, and its importance, your third eye blossoms and you awaken to its purposeful applications in your levels, your fight encounters, and even your systems. It does this […]

The Moment of Evaluation

Do you have a book that defines you? For me it was Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things. My copy is worn beyond its years, its pages dogeared from beginning to end. To say that it was formative in my game design education would be an understatement. Still, to this day, if you asked […]